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Artist's Statement

Art has been a part of my life as far back as I can recall. I was introduced to Watercolor in Junior High and I have never lost my love for the medium. The nature of watercolor requires a certain mindset and approach which is not like other mediums. Its translucent quality and fluid state can be daugnting, but those challenges are qualities which provide for great opportunities.

Opportunities to work with the play of light and form. Opportunities to seek out new challanges and gain a greater understanding of the subject matter and myself. Under pressure, small inperfections and insecurities are magnified and the true nature of what makes us an individual come to the surface. We begin to learn how we are unique, but more importantly, how we are very much the same.

Love, empathy, and compassion are strengthened when we learn to except our own frailties; and, humility soon follows.

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