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This is something I've wanted to do for a while, even if my inner hermit would prefer that I not! Grab your paintbrush or just your favorite drink and come along with me as we choose the road less traveled! Visit the Channel Now!!!

See You at the Fair!

2018-07-18 The Lane County Fair opens today and now is your chance to see "Lila's Day at the Beach" and "Dorena Reservoir" in person! This is the first time in twenty years that I have shown my artwork in a public forum. It has been a very exciting and extremely nerve racking time for me. The hardest part was leaving my babies (that's how I think of my paintings) alone with strangers. I know that they are in capable hands but it was still very difficult. The second hardest was choosing among them. It's hard to have a favorite!

New Website Design!

2018-04-29 I am truly excited to announce the release of our brand-new website design. For many years, I've felt like the proverbial cobbler with barefoot children but today my child has new shoes! There is more to come so please check back. Click the links at the bottom of the page to follow me on social media.

Latest Artwork

"Tree Swing"

Tree Swing

This was my first adventure into watercolor over graphite. I believe that this style of painting will be an interesting option for plein air (outdoors) painting and for general experimentation with wet-in-wet painting techniques.

I was really happy with the results even, as Sarah says, all that appears to be missing is a little boy with a stuffed tiger! I must admit; as I was working on the piece, I couldn’t help but think that it resembled a Bill Watterson cartoon of Calvin and Hobbs. I’m OK with that! 🙂


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